Une course à la voile exceptionnelle, sur un bateau de 6.5 mètres, en solitaire et sans assistance

Ça c’est mon défi



2 days ago
Photos from PA Sailing - 2019 Mini Transat Challenge's post

Maybe you didn't notice it but this season the running rigging (the "strings" for the non-sailors) on my boat are splendid!! 🤩
The credit of all this goes to the formidable team of Velamania, who ... See more

1 week ago

Chers amis,

Merci beaucoup pour m'avoir suivi lors de mon dernier challenge, La Pornichet Sélect 6.50

Après un départ et une remontée au près plutôt "toniques" avec 20 nœuds de vent, le ... See more

2 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

ARRIVÉ!!! Fatigué mais heureux d'avoir bouclé cette belle régate! Maintenant une douche, un bon plat de moules frites et dodo. Je vous racconterai bientôt tous les détails mais déjà MERCI À ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from PA Sailing - 2019 Mini Transat Challenge's post

627 è arrivato al porto!!!!!!!! 💪⛵

627 arrivé au port !!!!, 💪⛵

2 weeks ago

Dai dai dai 0.9 miglia 💪💪💪⛵⛵⛵🐵

0.9 miles !!! derniers efforts 💪💪💪⛵⛵⛵

2 weeks ago

- 13 miglia, 33esima posizione! FORZA 💪 ⛵

-13 miles, 33ème position!! BRAVO 💪⛵

2 weeks ago

Last hours and last 30 miles. But the race continues and Andy is still catching up some positions. Head to head with 880 and 757 continues. 🤟🤟📣

GO ANDY!!!!!! ⛵️🤟🔝

2 weeks ago

Good night and see you tomorrow! Stay tuned!!! 🔝⛵️

I leave you with a picture of the departure!! 🤟⛵️🤩

2 weeks ago

Long day characterized by a wind not really favorable but 627 continues great keeping the position stable. 🤩 last miles south then back on!!!! GO ANDY ⛵️ 🔝

✔️ Traking works now ... See more

2 weeks ago

🌞 Second day of regatta! The night seems to have gone well, we hope it wasn't too cold and that the day holds some sun! 😃
627 remains compact with the rest of the fleet ⛵️👍

⚠️ there ... See more

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