Una regata d’altura straordinaria, su una barca a vela di 6.5 metri, in solitario e senza assistenza

Questa è la mia sfida



6 days ago
Thomas Guichard Navigateur

Merci à Thomas Guichard pour ramener finalement à la maison mon petit Mini !

Malgré les galères avec un hors-bord capricieux le chantier Infinity Nautique CNLB n’est plus si loin!! ⛵⛵🏁

C’est parti pour un petit convoyage de nuit entre Concarneau et Baden sur le 627!

1 week ago
Photos from PA Sailing - 2019 Mini Transat Challenge's post

Ce matin j’ai fait une petite visite chez mon sponsor Ford Performance Store Monte Carlo, qui pendant qu’il vend des bolides routiers m’aide aussi à maintenir en forme mon petit bolide ... See more

3 weeks ago
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Crossing the Atlantic alone has been my dream for many years, and thanks to the support of many of you I am not far from achieving it.

Solo sailing is a great sport but it is nevertheless a quite ... See more

1 month ago

Clap de fin pour la saison 2018

Chers amis,

Excusez-moi de ne pas vous avoir informés plus tôt sur la conclusion de ma dernière régate, la Duo Concarneau Challenge BFR Marée Haute.

Je suis ... See more

1 month ago


1 month ago

Last 25 miles, 627 is in 5th position!!!! Good job!! 💪💪⛵Unfortunately the organization released a couple of hours ago the news that all arrivals after 2pm will be considered out of race (IT ... See more

1 month ago

This is the tracking this morning... it looks like a minefield!
627 should arrive at the end of the afternoon in Concarneau. Currently in 7 a position and proceeds at a speed of 5 knots ⛵🔜🏁

1 month ago

The wind has fallen again and the fleet advances very slowly 🐌, the regatta is becoming longer than expected!
Finger crossed that in the next few hours the wind will come back to blow ... See more

1 month ago

Last miles south, then go back to Concarneau. 🌬️ the head to head ⛵⛵ with 819 "Such consulting" continues, with currently Andy and Fede in the 9th to position!! Good job⛵🤩💪

1 month ago

176 miles on arrival and fleet seems to have resumed speed! �� the second night �� is about to start... hoping it's not too cold and that Andy and Fede aren't too tired! .� GO ��

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