So in this first part of the year training myself on sailing a mini 6.50 has proven to be quite hard…

I definitely underestimated the difficulty to find a suitable boat which can be realistically purchased with my budget! I can of course race on other Minis belonging to my friends, but this makes little sense for me: if I want to be qualified for the Minitransat race I need to take part to the regattas with the boat I will use for the transat…

So, while I try to figure out how to best start my mini transat campaign, I still need to keep myself fit and trained.

I try to do so by sailing on as may boats as I can and by taking part to as many races as possible. You can see that on my Facebook posts.

In the meantime I also try to educate myself, by reading many books and articles on various subjects, such as meteorology, strategy, boat handling, and technics.

Finally, I also don’t have to neglect my body: this is why I try to keep a good peace with my gym exercises.

As you see, getting to the start of the Minitransat isn’t as easy as it seems, and already in this early stage I need to fight hard to keep myself on the rails. But this is ok: all this only makes the challenge more interesting and worth to be lived.