Mini life

While that I am writing these lines I am sitting on a coach that will bring me back home….in more or less 13 hours :0

As more or less everything related to the Mini Transat, this weekend has been crazy but beautiful. I met or got to know better plenty of fantastic people, I have been working non stop for countless hours, I burnt my hands with various chemical products, I have been driving around for hundreds of kilometers with an empty trailer attached to my weery old rental car, I slept in the beautiful countryside of the Basque Atlantic coast, I spent one hour trying to fix a screw blocked on my masttop maintaining a very precarious equilibrium on a shipyard’s ladder, I have been very angry and very happy. The road to the Mini Transat goes through all this.
But, coming to the facts, finally my boat is on dry, on her nice trailer, ready to be brought close to Lorient, where she will be quietly waiting for our first race together. She is not 100% ready yet, but luckily there is still some time to fix the last details.

The adventure goes on.