The Adventure

The Minitransat

The origin of the Minitransat race dates back in the 1970s, when a visionary english man named Bob Salomon invented a transatlantic regatta for those intrepid adventurers with a small budget but still willing to experience a real offshore competition.

Nowadays the race management has turned french, but the spirit remains the same: small boats, taste for adventure, and much sacrifice are the ingredients for this unique and thrilling transatlantic regatta which now starts from the atlantic french town of La Rochelle and ends in Martinique, a beautiful caribbean island.


Before reaching their final destination, the small racing boats enjoy a stopover of some weeks in the Canaries, thus splitting the race in two very different legs: a shorter leg (less than 2 weeks) with strong winds and bad winter weather from La Rochelle to the Canaries versus a longer leg (around 3 weeks) with usually more stable tradewinds conditions from the Canaries to the Caribbeans.


Getting There

To be allowed to compete in the race, which takes place every two years, sailors need to withstand a qualification process, which imposes them to sail 1500 nautical miles (around 2700 km) in various regattas held by the Mini 6.50 class.

Besides that, sailors are also requested to undertake a 1000 nautical miles long qualifying cruise, which is decided by the race organizers.

This is why taking part to the Minitransat race is a real challenge: not only the race itself is difficult, but also the necessary commitment to get there requires lots of sacrifices.

My goal is to be on the starting line of the 2019 edition, and I will use the upcoming three season to get ready for this.