The Boat

The boats allowed to compete in the Minitransat race are called mini 6,50.

Mini 6.50s are extreme offshore racing machines: 6,50 meters long, 3 meters wide, lots of sail area and a single cabin offering a living space of 3-4 cubic meters.

These boats have no real kitchen, no real bed, no shower, no toilet and lack of any other confort on board. They are only built to go fast.

The 6,50 class is divided into two different categories: series boats and prototypes.



They are the most extreme boats: built in exotic materials, more powerful and technically complex. They represent a real-life laboratory where designers and builders like to test new concepts and ideas. On the other side, these boats are more fragile and keen to mechanical failures.


Series boat

These are boat which have been built in at least 10 identical models. The rules applying to this category are more restrictive, thus the boats are less powerful than prototypes, but they still remain incredible racing machines. Another advantage is that they are more reliable and easy to maintain.

My lovely boat

In order to take part to the 2019 Minitransat race I purchased a second generation series boat, a Ginto. The Ginto is a polyvalent model, less powerful than the last generation boats but still a good one. The hull of the Ginto has been designed by the renewed French architect Seb Magnen, who designed many successful Minis, and the boat has been build by the French shipyard Azimuth.

I cant wait to spend my time with her!