The Skipper

Here we present you an exclusive interview with our beloved skipper, Andrea:


Andrea, or Andy


29, but I am going to be 32 when I will  start my Minitransat race

3.Where are you from?

I am from Switzerland, a small country with not much salt water around but where I nevertheless made my first experiences by sailing on its wonderful lakes.

4.Why sailing?

Sailing has always been in my life. For me it is not just a sport, or a leisure. It is part of what I am. Sailing also represents a challenge for me: I feel I will never know enough about it. Everytime I sit on a boat I learn something new. Our sport encompasses so many disciplines: technics, meteorology, ropeworks, sailmaking, hydrodynamics, electronics,… that’s incredibly fascinating for me.

There are many other reasons I could tell to explain why I like to sail, but I think the best answer is that when I am out on the sea, I do really feel good about myself.

5.Why the minitransat?

Sailing is such a broad sport and racing on a boat can have many different variations… I like racing around two buoys, but the vastness of the sea, the challenge that comes with being offshore for days, alone, facing the elements, the feeling you have when you understand how small you are compared to what surrounds you, this is what I am looking for. This this why I decided to take part to the Ministranstat race.

6.Why should we be your supporters ?

I am putting a lot of energy in this venture and I can do a lot by my own, but the fact is that I can’t reach my goal without your help. Solo sailing might look as a selfish activity, but the truth is that when you are alone in the middle of the ocean you understand how important are the persons that helped you to get there.

Take a look at the sponsor me page for further details

Ok Andy we are with you!