An extraordinary offshore sailing regatta on a 6.5 meters long boat, single–handed and with no external assistance

This is my challenge



4 months ago

[🇮🇹] CI SIAMO QUASI!!!!!!! ⛵

- 138 MIGLIA

[🇨🇵] ON Y EST PRESQUE !!!!!!!! ⛵

- 138 MILES

4 months ago

Slowly slowly but Andy advances!!!!! 🐢 Come on and a little of patience, tomorrow the wind should increase!!! 💨💨

The arrival at Le Marin is coming!!! ⛵️😍🥳

- 238 miles!

4 months ago

[🇮🇹] Foto scattata oggi da una barca accompagnatrice!!!!! FORZA ANDY 627 ⛵

[🇨🇵] Photo prise aujourd'hui par un bateau accompagnateur !!!!!! GO ANDY 627 ⛵

4 months ago
Photos from PA Sailing - 2019 Mini Transat Challenge's post

[🇮🇹] Prova di nervi per l'ultima fase de la Mini Transat La Boulangère. La flotta si trova nella bonaccia che durerà ancora 48h circa. La voglia di arrivare sarà sicuramente tanta ma bisogna ... See more

4 months ago

"30 nodi in Oceano" - - > Andy sbircia fuori e ha deciso che dentro si sta meglio!!!! ⛵😂

1a tappa - La Rochelle-Las Palmas

4 months ago

[🇮🇹] Andrea e Albert giocano una lunga partita da ieri sera a "prendersi". Chi vincerà il gioco?
La notte è ancora lunga!!!

[🇨🇵] Andrea et Albert jouent depuis hier soir une longue ... See more

4 months ago

Twelfth day at sea for 627

Andy protects his position and during the night he managed to recover one. NEVER GIVE UP !!!

This is the spirit of Andy's Mini Transat project: 3 years of sacrifices, ... See more

4 months ago

710 miles to Le Marin! ⛵️

Tracking is updated every 30 minutes.... 👀 eyes glued to the screen for this last and exciting phase of Mini Transat!

4 months ago



⛵️ Adventurer
⛵️ Spirit of sacrifice
⛵️ Wet
⛵️ Ability to adapt
⛵️ Handyman - know how to sort things ... See more

4 months ago

- 883 miles! ⛵️ The race is still open, you can still earn positions but you have to stay focused because it's also easy to lose some!

C'MON Andy! We send you many positive thoughts, you have ... See more

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