An extraordinary offshore sailing regatta on a 6.5 meters long boat, single–handed and with no external assistance

This is my challenge



8 months ago

- 883 miles! ⛵️ The race is still open, you can still earn positions but you have to stay focused because it's also easy to lose some!

C'MON Andy! We send you many positive thoughts, you have ... See more

8 months ago


🍳🍔🍟 FOOD 🍧🍯🍩

The luxurious kitchen of a Mini consists of.... a jetboil. Our skippers are handling very difficult recipes proposed by world ... See more

8 months ago

Look there 🔎, the Caribbean Islands are approaching!!!!
It's starting to smell like rum 🥳🥂

8 months ago

1,183 miles on arrival and Andy recovered a couple of positions at the update tonight at 9 pm. GOOD JOB!

⛵️ Miles to arrival: 1,183.60
🌬 Speed: 7,5 knots
🤓 Position: 46

The expectation of ... See more

8 months ago

627 is located exactly halfway between Las Palmas and Le Marin!! �

From yesterday and for a few more days, the weather situation is unstable: important precipitation and wind that can reach 35-40 ... See more

8 months ago
Giorno 7 della prima tappa // Jours 7 première étape

8 giorni in mare, 2,500 miglia navigate (1+2 tappa) e 627 è già quasi a mezzo percorso della seconda tappa!! BRAVO!
E nel frattempo, vi lascio a un video filmato da Andy al giorno 7 della prima ... See more

8 months ago

Andy's position remains stable!!!!
⚠️⚠️ Threatening group in sight!!! 😂
In the last few hours this group of skippers has gained several positions in the ranking and currently is located ... See more

8 months ago

More than a third of the route has been sailed ⛵️👍
Andy advances well and gained a couple of positions! VERY GOOD JOB 🤩🥳
This night our skippers will have to deal with a deterioration ... See more

8 months ago

627 advance with a sustained rhythm and in the afternoon gained 10 positions! 🏁😀 The race continues with a favourable trade wind (ENE’ly of 15-20 knots) but not very stable in terms of ... See more

8 months ago



To make a similar experience you have to love loneliness and spend time with yourself. Andy says that after a few days you get used to being ... See more

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