An extraordinary offshore sailing regatta on a 6.5 meters long boat, single–handed and with no external assistance

This is my challenge



3 weeks ago
Giorno 7 della prima tappa // Jours 7 première étape

8 giorni in mare, 2,500 miglia navigate (1+2 tappa) e 627 è già quasi a mezzo percorso della seconda tappa!! BRAVO!
E nel frattempo, vi lascio a un video filmato da Andy al giorno 7 della prima ... See more

3 weeks ago

Andy's position remains stable!!!!
⚠️⚠️ Threatening group in sight!!! 😂
In the last few hours this group of skippers has gained several positions in the ranking and currently is located ... See more

3 weeks ago

More than a third of the route has been sailed ⛵️👍
Andy advances well and gained a couple of positions! VERY GOOD JOB 🤩🥳
This night our skippers will have to deal with a deterioration ... See more

4 weeks ago

627 advance with a sustained rhythm and in the afternoon gained 10 positions! 🏁😀 The race continues with a favourable trade wind (ENE’ly of 15-20 knots) but not very stable in terms of ... See more

1 month ago



To make a similar experience you have to love loneliness and spend time with yourself. Andy says that after a few days you get used to being ... See more

1 month ago
Photos from PA Sailing - 2019 Mini Transat Challenge's post

Fourth day of navigation, more than 500 miles sailed.
Andy is moving a little further south, probably to avoid a small front that should be developed from tomorrow morning. Andy maintains his ... See more

1 month ago



The organization of the Mini-Transat provides a list of several pages of mandatory medicines: from a simple headache, to an ... See more

1 month ago

La deuxième étape a commencé il y a un peu plus de 48 heures et le rythme est plutôt soutenu. Près de 400 miles déjà parcouru! ⛵️🌬
A 21h Andy avance à une vitesse de 7,6 noeuds ✅.
La ... See more

1 month ago

[🇮🇹] Prima giornata in mare, più di 150 miglia navigate✔️
Prime scelte strategiche: opzione sud (più miglia da navigare ma più vento) o opzione nord (meno vento ma percorso più ... See more

1 month ago

[🇮🇹] Le ultime impressioni di Andy prima di lasciare Las Palmas!

[🇨🇵] Les dernières impressions de Andy avant de laisser Las Palmas !

Cartographie ici: prochain update ... See more

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